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HTML/CSS Intro. to Web Coding

At middle school level my classes are what we call an exploratory class. All of my classes as an exploratory class will be a “NO” fail class. I only ask that students are always trying to work at the best of their abilities. All though your student cannot fail my class, a lack of effort or trying can result in a “NG” No Grade in my class. Which over the course of the year if the student does not complete the minimum course work will turn into a "U" grade. (If it is 4th qtr it will be an automatic "U") I reserve this for students that after many communications and tries to get them to participate in the class, that they do not give work effort.


Lowest possible grade in this class is a "C-" this is for a student that does do some of the lesson or even all of them but does not do a Final website project.


Doing all of the lessons and the website project will give a student a final grade from “C” to an “A” depending on how well they meet the rubric requirements on the website project which is 30% of grade.


From this class a student will either go into introduction to programming (if not already taken) or move onto Intermediate programming depending on their situation with Introduction to programming and completion of it from when taken before.

HTML/CSS Lessons:

When making a account please use google to sign-up, and class code provided.

First Block of Lesson Videos:

Lesson_1-HTML – Just look at the Example Websites

Lesson_2-HTML (2:46)– to make multiple cursors: Hold down the ctrl-key as you click

Lesson 2 HTML.pdf

Lesson_3-HTML (6:14)

Lesson 3 HTML.pdf

Lesson_4-HTML (4:47)– ONLY DO: “HTML Review” a-f & “HTML Lists” a-b Skip 3 & 4 and do end of block lesson in assignments

Lesson 4 HTML.pdf


At the end of this Block the student should start personal Website

follow video:


Creative Commons – The is a video about the use of copy right materials from the internet


Second Block of Lesson Videos:

Lesson_6-CSS-Text (12:24) – When done go to assignments and do Part 1 “End of 2nd Lesson Block”

Lesson 6 CSS.pdf


You will need to add CSS text elements to each of your headings and Paragraphs at least 3 for each heading and paragraphs (Watch Video)

  1. color, font-size, text-decoration, text-alignment, font-family

Video: Adding CSS.Text elements

Resource: Other Font-Families


Lesson_9-Images HTML (9:09) – When done go to assignments and do Part 2 “End of 2nd Lesson Block”

Lesson 9 Images HTML.pdf

You will also need to add 3-5 pictures to the webpage one of them must be a *.gif look at is a great place to find one - they insert the same as normal pictures


Video: Inserting Images direct from internet



Third Block of Lesson Videos:

Lesson_11-CSS-Images (12:49) – When done go to assignments and do “End of 3rd Lesson Block”

Lesson 11 CSS.pdf


At the end of this Block the student needs to add at least 3 more style elements discussed in lessons

Video: CSS Image elements


Fourth Block of Lesson Videos:

Lesson_19-Link-Pages (7:38) -This Video goes over the lessons very brief and shows you some tricks

Lesson 19 Links HTML.pdf


At the end of this Block the student will need to add 2 more webpages with at least 3 pictures and have written material around at least 100 words

Video: Nav Bar and adding pages

Reference: Symbol codes HTML


Style Rule set from video

a:link, a:visited {

background-color: gainsboro;

color: blue;

padding: 4px 8px;

text-align: center;

text-decoration: none;

display: inline-block;

border-radius: 20px;

border-color: dodgerblue;

border-width: 5px;

border-style: double;


a:hover, a:active {

background-color: darkgray;


Web Site Scoring Rubric