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Grades 7 & 8 Computer Programming, Web Development, Photoshop
Room: 101A ( Library Computer Lab )
Email:[email protected] (best way to contact)


Current Computer classes for 2023-2024

Computer Programming                                                         

This will be the general class that students will be assigned in master schedule and when class starts based on prerequisites students will be placed in the class based on experience. Students will also not move up in programming classes with out showing basic bench marks set in each class. These bench marks are programming projects showing basic mastery of the course they took. To move to more advanced classes student must have an "A" in the introduction class and teacher approval, or they will repeat the introduction class again until student shows proficiency to work independent on advanced programming. 


Computer Programming 1                                                        

1 Quarter               Prerequisite: None

This class starts with which gives them a start of understanding block coding and some understanding of computer algorithms. From this point they will go in to chapter 3 CS Discoveries of drag and drop programming like they are used to except the blocks are JavaScript coding. Later in the lessons the student will shed the block coding and start using text coding on their projects. This course is designed to give students a start into computer programming of JavaScript.


JavaScript 1                                               

1 Quarter              Prerequisite: Computer Programming 1 or Web Development 1 & 2 (With a grade of an A and Teacher Approval)

This class students will be learning the basics of text coding JavaScript. Topics the student will learn, Drawing basics, variables, animation basics, interactive programs, text & strings, how to build functions, logic & if statements, looping, arrays, objects, and object-oriented design. This class is designed to pull the student out of the idea of block coding to text coding and give them needed experience to move into JavaScript 2


JavaScript 2                                                                       

1 Quarter                  Prerequisite: JavaScript 1 (with a grade of an A & Teacher Approval)

This class students will be learning JavaScript and JS 6 in web development for back end engineering of websites. Students will build many project programs from their learning of more intermediate and advanced JavaScript concepts for web site interaction with users. This class is part of the 3rd leg of becoming a full stack engineer of web development.


Web Development 1                                                   

1 Quarter                   Prerequisite: None

This class will use to start learning the basic elements of coding in HTML & CSS than they will apply their skills by developing a personal web page. To enhance their understanding the second half of the term, this class will go into Code Academy and under Front-End-Engineering will get more enhanced lessons on HTML & CSS fundamentals. Starting them on the path of becoming a FEE Web Developer.


Web Development 2                                                  

1 Quarter                    Prerequisite: Web Development 1 (with a grade of an A & Teacher Approval)

This class will continue were Web Development 1 leaves off in Code Academy. Students will start by learning more advanced CSS programming Techniques and then move to off platform web development and deploying of websites on the internet. Students will also experience color and font theories in the development of websites and also build websites to customer specs. Students will also learn how to load and use google api fonts and develop and deploy a personal website using advanced HTML techniques.


Introduction Photoshop 1                                                                       

1 Quarter                      Prerequisite: None

One of the most powerful pieces of software out there is Adobe Photoshop. Using this software you will create about a half dozen projects, from creating your own creature to putting images inside of text.  Students will also learn how to use these two tools in designing materials for Web Coding or sprites and background in computer programming. 


Advanced Photoshop                                                                       

1 Quarter                       Prerequisite: Photoshop 1 (With a grade of an A- or Higher)

One of the most powerful pieces of software out there is Adobe Photoshop. Using this software you will create only 3 projects, using all of the techniques learned in Photoshop 1 on each project.  Students in Advanced will practice and sharpen the tools they learned taking it the first time with more challenging projects are much higher requirements.