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Educational Technology

Computer Technology 6th, 7th and 8th
Name: Geoff Horvath
Phone number: 509-559-4437
If you are considering taking a technology class this is a video that speaks to the equity of computers and the need for more diversity in the field. The link below the video is state information of jobs available and how we only meet 10% of the tech industry's needs. As you view the video keep these 3 questions in mind:
  2. 1. Will our students have to know something about computers for the future? 
  1. 2. Is there an occupation that they can do where a computer is not involved? 
  1. 3. How are we prioritizing this skill for their future?
This link is the Tech. Industry needs across the United States.

Computer Programming- Is exploring programming through game creation interfaces starting with game logic, going through a game interface design and creation, and completing with drag and drop game program coding. It is also interlaced with Python and Java script game play and game design concepts. (Taking this class multiple times has different courses(5 different classes))


HTML/CSS Web Design(CS Discoveries(6th grade))  This class is open to students as an introductory class for programming.  It is done completely in HTML script code using sublime and website text editors. The start of the class will go over basic computers and the general use of them including the understanding of files and file systems, keyboard short cuts, general computer anatomy, and use of school network. 


Click here for student HTML web examples


Photoshop & illustrator One of the most powerful pieces of software out there is Adobe Photoshop & illustrator.  Using this software you will create about a dozen projects, from creating your own creature to putting images inside of text.  Students will also learn how to use these two tools in designing materials for Web Design. This is part of the Web Design framework that students can do together in a following quarter with HTML/CSS.


Microsoft certification This a CTE certification class where a student will learn the information needed about PowerPoint to be able to take the Microsoft certification which the state of Washington pays for through CTE programs. Students will receive a business recognized certification in using this product. Other certifications can be obtained in the future.                                                                        



Educational Technology 6th, 7th and 8th
Name: Gerald Morton
Email Address:
Phone number: 509-559-4431

6th Grade Technology: In my 6th grade class the main project that we will do is build and launch a rocket. Some of the things the students will learn during the construction of the rocket is how to read a ruler and a protractor as well as recognizing geometric shapes and being able to construct the shapes using ruler and protractor. The students will also gain knowledge of hand tools and be introduced to power tools.

7th Grade Technology: In this class the students will be using power tools that would include the following. Drills, sanders, routers, scroll saws, band saw, chop saw and table saw. The main function of the class is to introduce the students to this equipment and for them to understand their uses. The students will have an opportunity to construct beginning type projects using the machines. SAFETY is alway my main concern and is always a huge priority.

Popular Mechanics: This class is designed to show students the basics of how their everyday world works. We learn about Home Emergencies like fire, water, electricity. They learn about ways to prevent them and what to do in case they occur.

The students also do a automotive unit where they will learn the basics of how a car works, basic manint. how to change a flat, insurance and interest when purchasing a vehicle.

Production Technology: In this class the students will learn all about business. They will learn what makes a successful business, all the tricks of interviews to help secure a job, how to write a resume. The students will take all this information and create a business of their own. They will apply to be either CEO of the company or an employee. When the company is formed they will then create a business and decide on a product or service that they can sell to the general public. All monies made go to the students.

7th/8th Grade Tech.: This class is designed as an advanced class and the students should have already gone through 7th grade Ed. Tech. and feel comfortable with the shop safety and machines. They students will have the opportunity to continue projects from 7th grade Ed. Tech. or do more advanced projects.