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Career Educational Technology

Computer Technology 7th and 8th
Name: Geoff Horvath
Email: [email protected] 
Phone number: 509-559-4437


Computer Programming- Is exploring programming through game creation interfaces starting with game logic, going through a game interface design and creation, and completing with drag and drop game program coding. It is also interlaced with JavaScript game play and game design concepts. After 3rd programming class the programming goes into Front-End Engineering and helps students work toward Full-Stack certification. (Students taking this class multiple times can experience the pathway to Full-Stack Engineering)

Some Programming examples:

Intermediate Examples      
Snowman Scene Teddy Bear Fun Fish Tank example Frogger Game Example
JavaScript Examples      
Snowman Benchmark Fish Tank Example Frogga Game Example Snake Game Example
Simple Pong Ping Pong Game CMS Invader


HTML/CSS Website coding(CS Discoveries) - This class is an introductory class for "Text" programming. You can not take this class until done with Introduction to programming.  It is done completely in HTML script code using website text editors. This class is required before going into Front-End Engineering. 


Front-End Engineering - This class is broken into sections based on a 8 week quarters, students will have to sign up for this class several times to complete the 30+ lessons to complete the full series. In this class students will learn how to code in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, & SQL and be fully familiar with programming and deploying coded websites on the internet.   


Click here for student HTML web examples


Photoshop - One of the most powerful pieces of software out there is Adobe Photoshop.  Using this software you will create about a dozen projects, from creating your own creature to putting images inside of text.  Students will also learn how to use these two tools in designing materials for Web Coding and programming.                                                              


Manufacturing Technology, Robotics, Amusement Park Fun
Name: Cevin Whipple
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone number: 509-559-4431

Introduction to Manufacturing & Trades: (7th & 8th)

This course focuses on the basic fundamentals of agriculture manufacturing and fabrication as it relates to modern practices and trade techniques. We will be focusing on welding, trades, safety, drafting, designing, measuring, and career planning. We will establish a safe and hazard free learning environment. Students will draft and design projects as well as demonstrate understanding of the provided basic manufacturing and production processes. As part of the class students are able work on a personal project throughout the quarter, if they so choose. Lastly, students will explore different careers within the fabrication and trades industry. This exposure is intended to display the different opportunities the industry has to offer, showcased by examples of professionals with varying levels of experience and expertise. This class has no prerequisite course for admittance.


Agricultural Mechanics & Leadership: (7th & 8th)

This course encourages students to get involved in the world of agriculture. Agriculture’s importance in our society is rapidly increasing. Students will be focusing on a shop project and one group collaborative assignment which varies according to the quarter.Students will explore projects and activities at the introductory level to inspire creativity and expose them to careers in the agricultural mechanic industry. They will collaborate on major projects and problem solve with peers to establish communication and teamwork skills among their peers. Lastly, students will begin their research of the agricultural and industrial arts to broaden their horizons and offer alternative options post-graduation. Students will develop note taking and public speaking abilities that are essential in following courses offered at Cheney Middle School.