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Introduction Programming

Introduction to Programming

1 Quarter                                  Prerequisite: None

This class starts with basic logic puzzles from Hour of code to start. Then it moves into Tynker 300 which gives them a start of understanding block coding and a taste of text coding. From this point they will go in to express coding for some more block coding and logic puzzle work. The rest of this class is spent going into scratch and building projects to enhance their programming skills.



At middle school level my classes are what we call an exploratory class. All of my classes as an exploratory class will be a “NO” fail class. I only ask that students are always trying to work at the best of their abilities. All though your student can not fail my class, a lack of effort or trying can result in a “NG” No Grade in my class. Which over the course of the year if the student does not complete the minimum course work will turn into a "U" grade. (If it is 4th qtr it will be an automatic "U") I reserve this for students that after many communications and tries to get them to participate in the class, that they do not give work effort.


Lowest possible grade in this class is a "C-" this is for a student that does not finish Tynker & express Lessons

Finishing Tynker 300 and express over the whole term Lowest possible grade is "B"

Doing Aquarium project in scratch and turning it in Lowest possible grade for the whole term is "A-"

Doing Frogga project in scratch Lowest possible grade is an "A" for class.


Getting an "A-" or higher, if taking programming class again, the student will move intermediate computer programming


Getting a "C- to B+" I will have student pick up where they left off in intro to programming for next programming class. This is where when they complete class I will grade replace previous quarter in the same year for the “A”. Then as with the “A” option they will move on to intermediate programming.

As with all of my classes students are able to work independently ahead of the rest of the class and complete their work early if they chose to do so. They would then have the opportunity to work on the next programming class and if they complete two classes in one quarter will receive a grade for both classes.

Logic puzzle work 
Tynker Lessons
When making a Tynker account please use google to sign-up, and class code provided in sign-up video.
Programming 300 Video Lessons
Bonus: Under Hour of Code: Do Counter Hack and or Toxic Jungle Lessons
When making a account please use google to sign-up, and class code provided in sign-up video.
Express Course Video Lessons
Scratch Learning:
When making a Scratch account please follow sign-up video instructions. Make sure when done making an account you go to your e-mail and verify the account with scratch before starting any programming.
Scratch Video Lessons
Other Scratch ideas and activities Click the Ideas:
To find my Studios in search type ghorvath14
You can explore past students projects and also the all star studio for game ideas
Scratch project information and Grading

Aquarium requirements

  • Who eats who you must have some fish that eat others (5pts)
  • How do you re-spawn new fish to maintain ecosystem (3pts)
  • Fish need to bounce of the sides (2pts)
  • Add sound if you can
Frogga requirements
  • Objects that move by A.I. can not bounce off sides like in aquarium (10pts)
  • The goal object must randomly re-spawn after capture (10pts)
  • Need some sort of score system for every time player captures goal (5pts)
  • Need to create a win or loose situation either based on score or # of lives (5pts)