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Parents & New Students


Welcome to the G.Y. M.   If you've searched this far, then you must want to know more about us. We are not the traditional physical education program you may have experienced. The information below is just a general overview.

G.Y.M.  stands for Get...Yourself...Moving... This is what you will focus on while you are with us. We will fitness test and work to make improvements through a variety of activities. Our goal is to expose you to as many activities as we can.  

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders will come every day for one semester. Seventh and eighth graders are mixed classes.  Sixth graders are not mixed.

We move through a variety of activities. Some are whole group and some are individual choice. All are a privilege and should be treated so. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy becoming more fit in our class.

We will give you a fitness locker in the locker rooms that is just for class. We will also provide you with a lock. Please make sure you have your uniform and appropriate shoes each day.

Our Website is filled with other more detailed information for you. Please feel free to search through the pages to find additional information you need. Please stop by and say hello.


Mrs. Riggs and Mr. Hornstein