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Mrs. Spakousky’s




Citizenship/Behavior: “PRIDE in ourselves and PRIDE in our learning and PRIDE in our community.”


Classroom Procedures


     I.  Class Supplies:  Every day bring:

         Student Planner


         3x5 Index Cards

         Novel-appropriate chapter book to read when work is completed

         Journal-composition notebook or spiral notebook (LA/LA Ext.)


    II.  Homework Policy

         Students are responsible to turn in assignments/homework on time.  Students will use a pen to correct

         assignments.  All assignments, once scored and returned to the students, should be kept in order in

         the student's folder/binder.

         Assignments that were missed due to excused absences can be made up for full credit.  For an

         excused absence the student will have one day to complete the assignments for each day absent.

         If a student is absent it is the student's responsibility to come by during lunch or before/after school

         to get any missed assignments or the student may ask a classmate about work missed.  It is the

         student's responsibility to make arrangements to make up tests and quizzes.

         Homework will mostly consist of Independent Reading.  Students should be reading within their

         reading range approximately 20 pages a night.  Extension classes are required to read a minimum

         of 3 books 1st quarter and 4 books 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters.


  III.   Student Planner

         Student planners should be brought to class and filled out each day.

         The planner is a great organizational tool for the student and it is also a great communication tool between home

         and school.

         The planner is also your pass in circumstances when it is necessary to leave the classroom.


  IV.   Tardies

         Being on time means that you are in your seat at the time that class is to start.  Sharpen pencils before

         class, please.  It is not respectful to get up to sharpen your pencil or throw away garbage in the middle of

         someone teaching/resenting.

         After the third tardy within the same quarter a detention will be earned.


Your child’s success is a shared

responsibility among all of us.

If you would like to speak to me or have

concerns, please call the school and leave a message.

I will return your call as soon as possible.