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Introduction to JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript

1 Quarter                                  Prerequisite: Intermediate Programming (All benchmarks completed From Intermediate)

This class starts with the student using Khan Academy learning the change of the drag and drop programming in intermediate to the text scripting using a text editor eventually. In Khan Academy they will learn about drawing, coloring, variables, animation, user interaction, functions, logic, looping and arrays. When done in Khan academy they will be using Tynker JavaScript 101. Tynker will really push the conditional logic, loops, variables, and expressions. At the end of this section they will be introduced to using the canvas while building a few small projects in a text editor, with their first real benchmark project as their last assignment. Students at the end of this course will now have some understanding of project design.


At middle school level my classes are what we call an exploratory class. All of my classes as an exploratory class will be a “NO” fail class. I only ask that students are always trying to work at the best of their abilities. All though your student can not fail my class, a lack of effort or trying can result in a “NG” No Grade in my class at mid-term. Which over the course of the rest of the term the student does not complete the minimum course work after discussion the grade will turn into a "U" grade for the term. I reserve this system for students that after many communications and tries to get them to participate in the class, that they do not give work effort.

Grading: JavaScript Projects

Lowest possible grade in this class is a “B” the grade of a “B” is for students that were not able to complete enough of the class in the term, but still gave effort. As with any of my computer programming classes they will just pick up where they left off in the next quarter, upon completion of the class I will grade replace previous quarter in the same year for the “A”. Then the student will progress to the next class in the series JavaScript Projects

Tynker JavaScript 101 (Canvas) 
This section is split out because these are the first mini projects you will encounter that you will need to use Tynkers projects text editor.
Before doing any of the lessons watch this general walkthrough: Canvas General Walkthrough Tynker 
These are videos to walk you through mini-projects in this section. You will need all of them to use in creation of other projects in the future sections, you will use the code from these projects.
Snowman Scene Benchmark Finial
This is the finial and only benchmark in introduction to JavaScript, you can use the Snowman mini-project from canvas section to start, but you must add:
  • At least 3 sprites for the Hat and arms
  • Circles for the eyes and buttons in "black"
  • Circle(s) for the nose "orange"
Bench mark setup Video (use this video to help get started)
This is an example of the project to you see what is required
Sprites for the Project Provided by me: