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Python Projects & Info.

Introduction to Python
User Interaction: Asteroids simulation

finishing the game on your own. Here's are places to start:

  • Hide the ship or teleport it to another place with the ht() command if it touches an asteroid
    • Every time the ship moves forward, loop through the list of asteroids.
    • If the ship is near any of the asteroids, hide or teleport the ship
  • Also after an asteroid is destroyed
    • have it regenerate some where else appending the asteroid list
    • Bonus: Create a score variable to keep count of asteroids destroyed
Snake Game

Finish the game !! Here are some things you need to code on your own:

  • Make the snake stop the game and say game over if it hits itself
  • Also if snake goes past the screen size have it travel to other side to continue 
  • Create a variable to Keep score and display it
  • Put food in a list allowing 5 - 10 apples that regenerate as eaten
Connect Four
finish the game by adding:
  • Detect diagonals.for wins
  • Make the board look like a real Connect 4 board

Add More Features

  • Give the cars different speeds.
  • Add collectables on the path.
  • Add a scoreboard to display score.
  • Create a custom shape to use for all of the car sprites.