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Classroom Philosophy (Grading)

Classroom Philosophy and Grading: I believe in what I call the 3 “R’s”

Respect -
Respect towards others and SCHOOL PROPERTY in this classroom. Being kind and considerate to the other students and your teacher is the norm. Paying attention during instruction is important and beneficial (not following directions can result in a host of issues from lowering of your grade to possible discipline). Different than other classrooms, we are part of the Library, the library norms also apply in here per respect for others.

(keeping the noise low at all times)

(no sitting on counter tops)

(cleaning up after yourself)

(miss use of equipment can get you banned and flunked from the class and the use of all technology in the school) – Your account can be suspended by the IT department


Disorderly conduct detracts from the learning environment and will be dealt with accordingly.

(Also remember this is one of only 2 classrooms that have cameras on at all times).

The administration (Mr. Holm is always watching)


Responsibility -

Students must bring the required materials to class each day. These are any specific class requirements or needs you may have.

Possibly head phones for the computer.

Materials you do not have in this class

Cell Phones
Drink of any kind (if you need water there is a fountain at the back of the Library)
(Students will not be allowed to go get materials after the bell). Positive class participation includes working or studying the ENTIRE CLASS PERIOD. Putting equipment away or logging off the computer early has consequences to your grade. You are to leave computer and desk areas neat and orderly.
Role Modeling -
Students are expected to set the bar for their fellow classmates and be collaborative leaders in the classroom (this means if some one needs help, help them if you can.) This responsibility carries out to the rest of the school in leading by example.


For Computer Classes Grading with the norms: 

Participation Grade will vary based on the level of independent work. This Grade will be form 60%, in the more beginner classes to 100%, of  a students grade in the more advance classes.


Computer classes are considered elective classes and do not carry a high level of performance, but more a of willingness to try and to do work daily.


All of the different levels of computer classes are considered to be introductory to the particular topic.


Also because these classes are heavily based on the participation of the grade for a student to move to a more complex class, the minimum requirement is a "B" in the previous class below.


Participation points will be awarded based on the Respect-Responsibility-Role Modeling agreement that the students agree to for the classroom environment at the start of the quarter (all students get 2 points per day of class and lose points based on violation of agreed upon environment rules). Things that affect this grade can be everything from behavior, thru class readiness, to how students treat each other and if they use their class time wisely. These are all named above in the expectations