Cheney Middle School

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Classroom Philosophy

Classroom Philosophy: I believe in what I call the 3 “R’s”


            Respect- towards others and school property in this classroom. Being kind and considerate to the other students and your teacher is the norm. Paying attention during instruction is important and beneficial. Disorderly conduct detracts from the learning environment and will be dealt with accordingly.


            Responsibility- Students must bring the required materials to class each day. These include pencils, paper, textbook, science binder and any other specific class requirements. Positive class participation includes working or studying the ENTIRE CLASS PERIOD. Putting equipment away and leaving lab and desk areas neat and orderly is stressed. This also applies to the Homework policies and absences.


            Role Modeling- Students are expected to set the bar for their fellow classmates and be collaborative leaders in the classroom, also this responsibility carries out to the rest of the school in leading by example.


For Science:

10% Participation Grade: This will be a weekly grade that refers to the Respect-Responsibility-Role Modeling agreement that the students asked for as both reward and consequence to classroom environment (all students get 2 points per day of class and lose points based on violation of agreed upon environment rules). Things that affect this grade can be everything from behavior, thru class readiness, to how students treat each other.  


Any student that loses more than 3 participation points in a day will receive a call home and a possible school intervention policy. If  point looses continue week after week that are unacceptable parent meetings and administrative actions may need to be taken.