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Grading Policies Page (Science)

10% Daily work: is all in class worksheets. Although all daily work has class time to finish the late policy of end of the unit missing assignments also applies to this category.


5% Notebooks: Every Friday students will revive a grade for notebooks that will be peer/student graded. 

-They need to have 5 things from each day

     1 point for each day with page set-up

            Daily Target (title of notes), Date, and 2" margin drawn for Cornell note taking

                1 point for Plan for the day 

                2 points for notes or explanation of what went on in class per day

                1 point for progress on the daily target with some explanation for your score

Total of 5 points per day


10% Participation Grade: This will be a weekly grade that refers to the Respect-Responsibility-Role Modeling agreement that the students asked for as both reward and consequence to classroom environment (all students get 2 points per day of class and lose points based on violation of agreed upon environment rules). Things that affect this grade can be everything from behavior, thru class readiness, to how students treat each other.  


Any student that loses more than 3 participation points in a day will receive a call home and a possible school intervention policy. If point loses continue week after week that are unacceptable parent meetings and administrative actions may need to be taken. 


35% Labs/Activities: Safe and efficient performance, productive group work, and accurate responses to conclusions. This is also based on in-class work (NOT HOMEWORK). Although all labs have class time to finish the late policy of end of the unit missing assignments also applies to this category. This category also includes unit vocabulary packets.


30% Tests/Exams: That have been put together by district and colleague collaboration. Exams will have error analysis corrections available until end of quarter for up to 10% back on the grade. If all exams have an error analysis corrections for the quarter an additional 2.5% will be added to students overall grade at end of quarter as an extra credit bonus raising students overall grade to next GPA point. (Example "B+"(3.25) would raise to "A-"(3.75) in overall grade.)   


5% Quizzes: Expect at least (4) quizzes (normally entry task pop quizzes) a quarter all will be unannounced quizzes. These will all be open note.(students may use note or any handouts given to them). Lowest Quiz score will be dropped each quarter 


5% Homework: We have homework and it will be graded in a variety of ways. The types of homework will be determined per unit by class representative. Which class representatives are changed each unit by student appointment. All homework will have individual due dates some that will generate extra credit. All homework for a unit must be turned in by the end of the unit or fall under missing assignment policy in grading (Refer to general policies). If the homework and assignments are not done, the quizzes and tests will be a CHALLENGE!!


Test/Exam Corrections: Tests/exams  account for 30% of the student’s grade. If students feel that their test/exam score is inadequate then they can do an error analysis test corrections within the quarter after at any time. Error analysis corrections must be completed at school with a teacher before or after school, at lunch or in homework center (all must be pre-arranged). When all incorrect responses are corrected the student will receive a 10% grade increase. If the score is less than 50% on the exam, the grade will be raised to 60% upon completion of corrections.


Quizzes: do not have the ability for corrections, they will be open notes and I drop the lowest score at the end of the quarter. 


Absences on exams: It is the student’s responsibility to take exam make-up. They have to be done either before or after school, at lunch, or in the homework center and can be done at any time in that grading period, however if it has been longer than a week since the exam show as a zero until the grade is made up.


Absences on quizzes: Given the unannounced nature of the quizzes theses cannot be made up if absent. The grade book will just show a no count for that quiz which will not affect the students’ grade.