Cheney Middle School

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F.I.S.H. Philosophy

What is the F.I.S.H. philosophy?  Why do we encourage it?

The philosophy we follow has four major parts:

Be There: This is more than physically being present in class. It's being alert and aware of what is going on in class and what is being asked of you. It is listening to instructions and directions without interrupting others, and asking questions if you don't understand what is going on.

Make Their Day: This is about doing whatever you can to make someone else have a great day, or special moment in class. What can you do to help someone out, whether it is a little or big thing. How can you make them look/feel good?

Play: This is what we do most of the time. You need to be moving and active. It is expected that you will play by the FISH rules and keep safety in mind at all times.

Attitude Is Everything: You may not like what you have to do each day. You don't always get to choose, but you can choose your attitude and make the best of it. This will allow you to still have fun with your friends and learn from the experience.