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More about the different art classes offered...

6th Grade Art- In this class we focus on:  Learning about the important "Elements of Art", learning various drawing techniques using various artist tools and techniques, the kids create an "About Me" project that help us learn about each other, the kids keep a sketchbook of their daily learning, and spend a period of time learning how to draw 3-D objects and show perspective on a 2-D surface. They create a "Musical Masterpiece" painting in a specific style and learn about ceramics and make several clay projects to show evidence of their learning.  They also make an abstract version of the Mona Lisa using Zentangles and so, so much more!

Art  2, Drawing and Painting, Painting and Sculpture (7th and 8th graders)- Quick study projects that honor various artist and art movements, a mixed media sculpture that shows an emotion, an "About Me" time capsule, a 3-D cityscape drawing, a Pop Art painting and so much more.  The students also keep a sketchbook to draw in daily, a learn about and make a clay project.

8th grade Ceramics- In ceramics students make a whistle creature (that actually whistles), slab boxes, lanterns, Japanese tea cups, and coil pots, a human form, a kiln monster and even learn how to throw a small bowl on the pottery wheel.
In all grades, Mrs. Syrie picks Top A's or Top of the Class (T.O.T.L.) work for every project kids turn in.  To get a Top A is great!  I makes you feel good and means you were honored by your classmates during our Art Share. If chosen, your artwork gets displayed for the whole school to enjoy!

If your project gets picked as a Top of The Class, you probably:
Turned it in early or on time
Did more than what was expected or required
Showed evidence of excellent and careful craftsmanship
Experimented with elements and principles of art in an
interesting and unique way
Were brave with your ideas